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    Cyber criminals hacked the police website in Minneapolis

    The hacking collective Anonymous has reportedly started targeting the Minneapolis police by accusing the force of systemic violence and corruption while serving as a tool for the ruling class. A video message posted on an anonymous Facebook page with 10 million followers accused the Minneapolis police of tolerating behavior that resulted in the death of George Floyd.

    The group claimed that the police were there to carry out the will of the criminal ruling class. Minneapolis protests against Floyd’s murder have spread across the United States, although the Minneapolis police officer who was filmed filming his knee against Floyd’s neck, was arrested on Friday and charged with third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. No other officials who witnessed the event were charged.

    Anonymous explains that the world is ready to finally wake up and the group gets angrier every time they see unnecessary blood spilled without consequence.The Minneapolis police are no longer trusted to do justice.

    President Donald Trump on Sunday cast blame on the media for stoking the violence that’s followed the death of Floyd, an unarmed black man, in Minnesota police custody.

    Anonymous Is Taking The Events In Minneapolis As An Opportunity

    The video is likely to cause a stir in the Washington government and with the US investigative authorities. Anonymous has shown in the past that the loosely organized activists and are capable of something. The group first appeared in 2003 and first attracted attention with hacker attacks on Scientology and the FBI. Anonymous periodically paralyzed the websites of the governments to support the resistance movements.According to US media, the Minneapolis Police Department’s website was apparently also the target of a hacker attack at the weekend and was temporarily unavailable. There was no doubt that Anonymous or an allied group was behind it. The activists could be trusted. The spokesman leaves no doubt in the video that Anonymous is taking the events in Minneapolis as an opportunity to start further actions.

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