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    Why did Google withdraw Huawei’s Android license?

    Google has now shut down the cooperation with Huawei. Google no longer delivers hardware and software to Huawei. Huawei smartphones can continue to be used more or less without restrictions.

    Access To The Play Store Remains – Google Tweets

    Huawei wants to provide security updates that Google regularly publishes for Android, as the company announces. However, the Chinese can only do this when Google has released the updates as open source. Major updates from Android are completely new versions, will probably not be available on devices already in use.

    Huawei Android license

    Huawei Without Google Maps And Gmail In The Future

    This unsettles many users. Huawei is now the second largest manufacturer of smartphones worldwide. After Samsung and before Apple. Future devices from the Huawei brand even have to do completely without Google. You are excluded from Google services such as Play Store and Play Services, but also from Google Maps and Gmail. This makes the use of Google on future Huawei devices completely pointless. Huawei will therefore have to come onto the market with its own mobile operating system if smartphones are to continue to be sold. For everyone who already owns a Huawei device in the long run – a decision with far-reaching consequences. One can hardly blame Google for this, since a decree of the president enforces this measure.

    To see Huawei critically is quite understandable. There is also a discussion if Huawei is an outfitter for 5G. So now it’s the turn of the mobile devices too. If Huawei discloses its source code, the company can continue to be supplied with software from Google in the future. This is how you want to rule out espionage. However, it is unfair to only deal with Huawei in such a critical manner. Basically, more open source would generally be desirable so that the hardware and software of US companies is also transparent. After all, who wanted to rule out the possibility of data flowing out here? Android is mostly open source – but Apple’s iOS is not. The trade war could expand. What if the Chinese decided to stop building devices for US corporations? Apple could practically completely stop selling – from one moment to the next.

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