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    Several gaps of Cisco IP phones are considered critical

    Hackers could attack Cisco IP phones as critical security gaps and execute malicious code with root privileges. There are also important security patches for access points and wireless LAN controllers. Hackers could bypass authentication and execute commands with admin rights.

    Due to an error in the web server of some IP phones, attackers could attack devices directly over the internet without authentication. This can cause the phones to crash. Cisco says: Executing malicious code with root privileges is conceivable.

    Due to inadequate checking of network traffic, attackers could initiate attacks by sending prepared HTTP requests. The options are deactivated by default.

    Cisco Suggests Filtering Traffic

    The main security hole concerns the HTTP interface. With these devices, the access data of an administrator are temporarily stored in the phone when the interface is accessed remotely. Another unauthorized remote access is then possible without entering the login data, which gives an attacker administrator rights for the device. The other problem affects different models of unified IP Phones like 7941G and 7971G.These devices have a default debugging user account that cannot be removed, deactivated or changed. An unauthorized user can have full control over an affected phone through the debugging account, which could also cause crashes. Cisco suggests filtering traffic to the faulty IP phones by setting up access lists in routers, switches and firewalls.

    High Risks Of Attacks

    There are also other malicious code attacks and several directory gaps. Attackers could use the latter to access data that was actually isolated. Wireless LAN controllers and access points could fall victim to DoS attacks. Cisco’s software is vulnerable to malicious code attacks on Windows for example. These vulnerabilities are rated high with the risk of attack.

    Of note, according to Cisco, some of these products (particularly the Wireless IP Phone 8821 and 8821-EX) are utilized by the healthcare industry who are currently on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

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