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    25 million users record leak online from popular mathway math application

    In the past two weeks, Mathway user data has previously been sold on a dark network, Telegram channels and hacker forums.

    We learned that hackers hacked the popular Mathway mathematical analysis application, stealing more than 25 million letters and passwords.

    This type of hacking is a series of new security vulnerabilities implemented by a series of hackers called ShinyHunters; who are also responsible for the invasion of Tokopedia, Wishbone, Zoosk, etc.

    “All I can say is that the hack occurred in January 2020,” ShinyHunters said in an interview on Thursday, trying not to disclose too many details about the invasion.

    The hacker said they accessed the company’s backend, deleted the database and removed access permissions to avoid detection.

    Since early May, hackers have been selling Mathway data on a dark network, and later they have also been selling on public and very popular hacker forums.

    mathway data

    All data allegedly leaked.

    Like all previous databases previously sold by ShinyHunters, Mathway data is gradually becoming public from private circles.

    This week, copies of the Mathway database began to be more widely distributed and also on the Telegram channel dedicated to “data brokers,” a type of cybercrime triad that specializes in the purchase and exchange of stolen data.


    ZDNet provided the screenshot above from another data agent.

    Although the data agent has always been a reliable source for ZDNet; we have no reason to believe that the data is falsified, according to previous reports.

    At Mathway, we take the trust of our customers seriously, especially about their data; and we strive to do what our customers need. We recently discovered that an unauthorized person obtained some Mathway customer account information, emails, hash codes, and salted passwords.

    Knowing this, we hired a leading data protection company to investigate, eliminate all vulnerabilities, and take corrective measures. We will notify all potential customers and ask them to reset all account passwords. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Mathway currently has one of the most popular educational apps on the market. And its apps are widely used around the world since the late 2000s.


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