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    A new botnet called Dark Nexus damages heavily loaded network contacts

    A stable network is developed in the corona crisis. As security researchers now have rights, the botnet has to do a lot of work. They tracked down a new, very effective IoT botnet that many previously known ones have overshadowed. The botnet is named Dark Nexus after a string in its banner. It is currently still operational and new features and social permissions and more robust than comparable disabled people.

    It is currently still ready for use and due to new functions and capabilities, is much stronger and more robust than comparable previous versions. Due to the simple use and the advanced functions, Dark Nexus represents a great danger for the currently fully busy internet, which in the current status, even a small botnet can cause considerable damage.

    “While it might share some features with previously known IoT botnets, the way some of its modules have been developed makes it significantly more potent and robust,” the researchers said. “For example, payloads are compiled for 12 different CPU architectures and dynamically delivered based on the victim’s configuration.”

    One speaks of Dark Nexus botnets when a large number of PCs are connected remotely and misused for certain actions. Mobile devices can also become part of a botnet. The prerequisite is that the computer is online. Most users do not know that their computer is part of such a network. Attackers use vulnerabilities in operating systems. However, users of other systems can also be affected. In many cases, Dark Nexus devices are particularly vulnerable. Surveillances are often on the network, but are not password protected. A gateway for attackers. Privacy advocates and experts warn against keeping the default password and recommend using long, secure passwords.

    The botnet can carry out denial of-service attacks across various infrastructures by recruiting devices around the world. Most of these compromised networked devices are located in Asia. There are signs that Dark Nexus has been created by the well known botnet authors.  In darknet circles the trades with DDoS services and botnet code.

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