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    Attempted attack targeted Israel’s water infrastructure

    The Israel National Cyber Directorate reports that a attempted attack targeted the command and control systems of the water agency’s wastewater treatment plants, the pumping stations and the wastewater infrastructure. A further statement from the water authority and the National Cyber Directorate reported that the incident appeared to have been coordinated, but there was no harm.

    The affected parties were instructed to immediately reset the passwords for all operating systems, especially those related to the chlorine control and to ensure that the entire control software was up to date. In the event that it is not possible to change the passwords for certain systems, staff were advised to completely disconnect the corresponding systems from the internet. This also includes employees and third party providers who access the infrastructure remotely. In the current situation of a global pandemic, the security and reliability of critical infrastructures such as water are more important than ever.

    In addition, Israel is now the global leader in the treatment and production of drinking water ,so the resource is no longer as scarce as it used to be. There are three main sources of natural water in Israel. The Sea of Galilee provides about 25 percent of water consumption, the groundwater layers on the coast and in the mountains each 20 percent.

    Cybersecurity For The Water Sector Worldwide

    This attempted attack makes it clear that water infrastructure is often outside the public eye as one of the main sources of cyber risk, it is vulnerable to both targeted and non targeted threats. A combination of legacy systems, growing connectivity and federal management requires cybersecurity to be a high priority for the water sector worldwide.


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