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    Attempted cyber attack on Dr. Reddy Laboratories

    The pharmaceutical major Dr. Reddy Laboratories clinic announced that it has isolated all the services in order to take the necessary preventative measures following a hacker attack. The company also expects all data to be available within 24 hours and they do not see any impact on their business as a result of this incident.

    On October 2020, Dr. Reddy Laboratories clinic encountered a data security incident and isolated the hacked IT systems. It was an attack aimed at getting a ransom. The company brought the leading cybersecurity team to work and also began to tame and correct the attack and investigate the incident. After a hacker attack was detected, the company isolated all data in order to take the necessary preventive measures,” said the spokesman.

    Dr. Reddy Laboratories

    According to the news, it has not yet been determined whether data breaches in this incident relate to data held in company networks. According to the media, the attempted cyber attack took place less than a week after the regulatory authority granted permission to conduct the second and third stages of the corona vaccine. At the beginning of August, the Russian healthcare registered the world’s first vaccine against the coronavirus. According to researchers, all of the volunteers had high titers in the trials. No serious complications were found. The first participants were vaccinated in September. A total of 50,000 volunteers will take part in the trial, 10,000 of whom will be given a placebo to see the results of the vaccine.

    Most of these hacker attacks came from Russia, the newspaper reported, citing well informed circles. In many cases, government agencies from this country are involved. In some cases, however, the attacks also came from hacker groups who wanted to turn stolen information.

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