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    BIG-IP products could lead to widespread cyberattacks

    Due to several security gaps, attackers could attack the BIG-IP Appliances. None of the security gaps are considered critical. Nevertheless, admins should install the patches promptly.

    If attacks are successful, attackers could take the appliances out of circulation using a DoS attack. If necessary, attackers could even execute malicious code on systems. In such cases, devices are usually considered to be completely compromised. These vulnerabilities are classified as high with the threat level. After a successful attack on the traffic management, attackers could paralyze all data traffic. Due to a bug, some BIG-IP servers ignore revoked certificates and attackers could hook into connections. In another attack scenario, attackers could overwrite files. In these cases experts speak of a high risk too. The remaining vulnerabilities are rated medium and low. Here attackers could carry out attacks and manipulate encryption settings.


    The importance of this security gap for the companies concerned is enormous, as attackers can exploit such insecurely configured to use compromised BIG-IP devices as a starting point for further attacks. It is also possible for attackers to intercept and manipulate web traffic. By disclosing sensitive information, including login data and personal application secrets, users of affected web services can thus be targeted victims of attacks.

    As long as a company has not carried out a thorough technical review of its systems, there is a high probability that it will be affected by the vulnerability. “Even someone who is incredibly security conscious and works in a security well equipped company could overlook this loophole. For this reason, education about this issue is really important owners want to help companies better protect themselves against a possible threat scenario.

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