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    CEO Strategies To Provide Better Security For Cyber Attacks

    Future company growth depends on trust, be it between companies and customers, between people and technology, or management and employees. The increasing risk of cyberattacks and the lack of the right balance between digital and human in the workplace is damaging confidence in all of these critical dimensions.

    CEO Cyberattacks

    Although the risks are very real, the studies found that CEOs are not worried. They see more benefits in taking action to address and solve global challenges. Half of the top managers believe that companies are obliged to do their part to remedy the situation. The world’s largest companies need to get involved. It is not a question of whether the company is growing or not. It’s about whether the company exists or not.

    Investors Want Long-Term Growth

    According to the Conference Board survey of international CEOs, investors rated it very important that CEOs include global challenges in corporate mandates. Almost 50 percent say that a CEO’s top priority should be to combine corporate governance, key performance indicators and incentive systems with solutions to the most pressing problems of the modern world. More than ever, investors are paying attention to how companies react to global challenges and to what extent the company actually uses resources to solve global problems. 65 percent of investors rely on long-term investments in companies that face the global challenges. They do so even if this affects the short-term return.

    Better Technologies Provide More Security

    This subject only applies to a certain extent. Cyber attacks are directed by people. And people always find a way to bypass static technologies. Therefore, CEOs should implement an adaptive defense strategy that successfully combats modern cyber threats with technology, threat data, and expertise.

    Important Characteristics Of A Successful Security Solution

    CEOs have to realign their security approach so that all phases of the attack cycle are taken into account. For this reason, the following criteria should be considered: Security incident resolution speed and potential business impact of these security incidents. Meaningful key performance indicators and current threat data form the security investment that will pay off for your company in both the short and long term.


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