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    Compal hit hard by ransomware worldwide

    Compal factories build laptops for Apple, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, HP, and Fujitsu. Ransomware also affect companies that should actually have sufficient IT security. Currently the second largest manufacturer of laptops – Compal, has been hit hard by malware worldwide.

    This is the contract manufacturer which is based in Asia. The company manufactures for brands such as Lenovo, Toshiba and Fujitsu. At the weekend, however, the company’s ability to work was affected by the ransomware. When the employees wanted to start the new week, they were often greeted by a message from the hackers.

    The ransomware comes from a hacker group, which has already attracted attention several times through cyber campaigns. About a third of the devices in the network are said to have been attacked by the ransomware. So far it is not yet possible to say exactly how high the damage will be. Basically, it is necessary to replace the hacked devices, as you can never be sure that the ransomware is not bringing with it inconspicuous contents that survive a cleaning of the memory.

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    Still A Little Clarity

    If the workplace is not directly hacked, that does not mean that the employees could start their work right away. On Monday morning, all employees found messages from the IT section asking them to control their networks and back up all important information. Only then should regular work be resumed. Administrators are meanwhile busy hacking the affected networks. It was officially confirmed that there was a security incident in the company system. However, the company did not speak of ransomware. Therefore, it cannot currently be said whether the company would be willing to pay ransom if it turns out that important information is affected without a backup.

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