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    Cyber criminals take advantage of secret mining

    Secret mining became an increasingly popular source of income for cybercriminals. The job is done by scripts that have been or will be built into the source code of the respective hacked website.

    Already at the beginning of the crypto wave, the code snippets came particularly frequently. The provider started operating in September, whenever someone used their code, collected 35 percent of the proceeds in the form of the crypto currency.

    The Process Was Not Widely Used In A Legal Form

    However, the process was not widely used in a legal form that was transparent to website visitors – however, cyber gangsters often kept the full profit to themselves with adapted script variants. Their enthusiasm for crypto hacking had already decreased in mid-2019. In addition to the relatively high expenditure of time, the researchers suspected the reason for the rapidly dropping course. The operators also referred to the latter in connection with their announcement that the service would be discontinued on March. The rate had slumped by 80 percent within a year. However, this crypto currency was particularly popular with criminals, since transactions take place in a highly veiled manner by default and are difficult to understand by third parties.

    To access cryptocurrencies such as Feathercoin and Monero, the developers use websites for video streaming and browser games. Since users usually spend more time on such websites, the mining scripts can run longer and use more computing power. According to the antivirus manufacturer, this method is somewhat less efficient compared to regular mining software – but this would be compensated for by the higher number of users affected.

    Even if JavaScript miners can be seen as an alternative to conventional advertisements, they still do not provide any meaningful content for the users and are therefore to be regarded as unwanted programs. Some regulators equate mining cryptocurrencies without user consent with unauthorized access to their devices. Consequently, the developers of such services should declare the behavior in detail before crypto currency can actually be mined. This is clearly not the case when it is spread through malvertising.

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