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    Cyber Security Methods To Protect Your Company

    Cyber security threats are increasing every day. Almost every day, there are news that there has been another break-in or a data security breach. Small and medium-sized businesses know that cybersecurity is very important and that they shouldn’t take the problems lightly. The difficult thing is to find a start.

    Cyber Security Methods

    Cybersecurity can seem very complicated and many feel overwhelmed with the topic. Not every manager or owner of a small business has enough technical knowledge to tackle the matter. The whole technical terms and sometimes contradictory information can lead to the fact that the topic scares us off. This also applies to people who otherwise take security very seriously.

    Identify The Weaknesses First

    The first step in protecting yourself from cybersecurity threats is to identify the vulnerabilities. If you don’t know the weaknesses in your infrastructure, how do you intend to eradicate them? Don’t you know what data the company stores, how do you want to protect it sufficiently? The best thing to do is to identify the crown jewels of the data in your company. What are the most important data in your company?

    Keep The Software Up To Date That Is Used In Your Company

    This makes the systems less vulnerable to attack. Hackers spend a lot of time finding money in popular software. Vulnerabilities found will penetrate your system. There are many reasons for hacks. Some want to make money, others are politically motivated and some do it because they can. A break-in can cause unpredictable damage to your company. Cybercriminals could steal customer credit card numbers, computer passwords and so on. Should such an incident occur, your company could face serious difficulties.

    Use A Firewall

    As it is common with most companies nowadays, all of your devices are probably connected to the Internet. With a permanent internet connection, chances are high that criminal hackers have scanned your computer network at least once. This is normal and cyber criminals are constantly scanning networks. If computers that have vulnerabilities respond, the hackers take advantage of the opportunity.


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