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    Cyber security simulations could create threats on US presidential election

    In the United States, excitement increases with the upcoming presidential election. It is propagated that the elections are said to come under fire again after Russia in particular tried to influence them in 2016 by hacking emails from the Democrats and Hillary Clinton and disinformation campaigns via social networks.

    In the United States, there is an abundance of virtual war, which also serves to distract from the problems of the American electoral system in need of reform. While doing so, other efforts influence other countries to come into the background. But of course it is more interesting to accept threats from outside and to play up evil opponents. This is a self-sustaining activity of the bloated American, but also every other security matter. For this reason, secret services, police and security companies in the United States have long been warning of possible threats without specific information and have already practiced attack scenarios in election day simulations. It is no longer a question of whom Russia, possibly China or Iran should favor, but rather a diffuse destabilization of American democracy or the electoral system.

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    News Through Hacked Media Could Be Paralyzed

    So there is a discussion about how parties or politicians can use party hacking to hack computers to create information. One could also prevent voters from going to the polls, for example by causing traffic jams to be manipulated. You could fake pre-election polls or spread false news through hacked media about exit polls. Experts considered that the power supply to polling stations could also be paralyzed.

    The strategy seems to be getting caught. Major media outlets such as Whyy also report completely uncritically about the simulations, in which authorities should try out what they have to do when hackers from Russia or elsewhere try to keep people from voting or have doubts about them generating election results. The exercise highlights how hackers can destroy public confidence in the election result without changing the votes. And that’s particularly troubling because many of these potential goals are much more vulnerable than voting machines.

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