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    Cyber Security Will Become The Most Important Issue Of The Future

    In view of the increasing spread of sensitive data, networking, automation and IT decision-makers will have to find new ways in the future in order to effectively protect their companies against cyber attacks. In the area of ​​cyber security, it is important to close a significant gap between actual protection and identified risk. To do this, responsibility for cybersecurity must be distributed more widely across the company and less centralized.

    Future of Cybersecurity

    In the Securing The Future Enterprise – 75 percent of the approximately 1,500 executives surveyed worldwide, believe that cybersecurity employees are present in all areas of the company and that protection programs must be carried out on a large scale. At the same time, however, the results show that cybersecurity is still centrally organized in 75 percent of companies. So far, there are hardly any signs of a greater shift of responsibility to the business units. However, a quarter of the respondents believe that the division heads should be responsible in the future.

    Cyber Risks: New Technologies And Data Exchange

    The executives see some new technologies and tools as an increased cyber risk for their company and fear potential dangers when exchanging data with third parties. IoT technology tops the list of cyber risks: 75 percent think that IoT technology will increase the cyber risk slightly to significantly, but are only protected in this area almost 60 percent. Experts say that cloud services will increase cyber risk. But at the same time, only 45 percent said that cloud technology is protected by their cyber security strategy. More than 70 percent expect the exchange of data with strategic partners and third parties to increase the risk. Only 40 percent indicated that the data transfer was adequately protected by their cybersecurity strategy.

    Investing In Cyber Security

    These procedures and processes are often still missing in companies – or have not yet been implemented at all locations. That is why independent experts criticize the fact that many companies invest too little in their cyber security. With the right IT security concept the risks can be significantly minimized. Without a functioning defense mechanism, hackers have often an easy job. Protection against hackers often costs time and nerves in addition – but a successful cyber attack is incomparably more expensive. On the other hand, if organizations conscientiously develop and implement strategies for their digitization, they are also sensitized to the topic of cyber security. Because the decision-makers of the danger also offer an opportunity to develop functioning solutions for the existing threats.


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