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    Cyberattacks on Austria’s State Department IT systems

    A cyberattack has apparently been launched on the government network in Austria. The exact extent is still unclear. The government in Vienna suspects a state actor behind the attack.

    For technical reasons, the State Department is still not providing technical details of the attack and the problems it has caused. The Austrian Foreign Ministry claims to have become the target of a serious cyberattack on its IT systems. Because of the seriousness and the nature of the attack, it cannot be ruled out that it is a targeted attack by a state actor.

    According to experts, it could last for several days. The ministry’s website is not affected, but rather the internal computer systems.

    Austria Cyberattacks

    The Cyber Attack Was Quickly Recognized

    The problem was recognized very quickly. Countermeasures were initiated immediately and a coordination committee was set up with all relevant federal agencies.

    No details of the nature and course of the cyberattack or the concrete consequences of the attack have been published to date. Despite all the intensive security precautions, there is no one hundred percent protection against cyberattacks. The state protection mechanisms provided for this are active at all levels.

    In contrast to the immediate attack, the investigation has not yet been completed. According to current knowledge, it was a targeted attack against the State Department with the intention of obtaining information. However, due to the size and the high level of complexity, it cannot yet be said with certainty who is behind the attack. Espionage is a serious crime, so accusations should not be made lightly.

    Services For Citizens Are Safe

    The ministry reassured the that the worldwide consular support for Austrians was never endangered. The services provided by the State Department for citizens – be it at headquarters or at embassies and consulates – were and are secure.

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