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    Cybercriminals Can Control Connected Cars

    Networking is the gateway for connected cars. If you want to cause damage, you have to find a security hole in a system. The actual auto hacks required a lot of effort, knowledge and were expensive according to head of strategy and pre-development for security for the automotive supplier Continental. Security experts emphasize that there are criminal structures that could provide the components – cybercrime as a service is the key word.

    Car hacking

    Extortion Is The Classic Trick Of Cyber Criminals

    Vulnerabilities in software systems of entire vehicle fleets offer considerable potential for extortion. After all, dependency on vehicles means a big lever. But terrorist attacks on vehicles or targets such as traffic control centers are also to be expected. There are still no complete solutions to avert danger. But it is conceivable that in the future a badge will certify the online safety of autonomously driving cars.

    Interfaces For Data Exchange Gateway

    Countering such attacks is a constantly growing industry. When we look back over the past few years, awareness of cybersecurity has increased significantly, especially when it comes to cars. The company supplies safety technology for the increasing electronics in the car. Continental experts make it clear what potential this has. The number of fully connected cars will grow rapidly, and by 2025 every new car worldwide should have Internet access. Fully networked – this means that cars can communicate with each other and with the infrastructure, such as traffic lights. Every car that is newly registered in Europe today automatically has a connection to the E-Call emergency call system and thus a connection to the network. Manufacturers and suppliers must also consider the longevity of their vehicles and the technology used. The ability of the attackers in five years will differ significantly from today.

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