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    Cybersecurity In Networked System Landscapes Is A Challenging Topic

    The number of cyberattacks is increasing worldwide. They have also become a real threat to companies in the energy and water industries. The companies have a special responsibility for the trouble-free and safe supply of electricity, district heating and water to the population. In our increasingly digitized world, it is therefore all the more important to protect these critical infrastructures as well as sensitive company and customer data. It is important to identify digital risks and possible damage effects at an early stage and to take safety precautions.


    The Term Cyber Security

    Everyone is talking about the term cyber security. But what exactly is behind it? Accordingly, cybersecurity deals with all aspects of security in information and communication technology. The field of action of classic IT security is expanded to cover the entire cyber space. This includes all information technology connected to the internet and comparable networks and closes communication based on it , applications, processes and processed information.IT security, data security and in specialist circles information security are also frequently mentioned in many contexts. While each of these terms have a different focus, all of them have one thing in common: In addition to the purely technical protection of company IT and data, they also see personal and organizational measures as an important component for cyber security in companies.

    Risk Analysis And Risk Assessment

    A good risk assessment method supports the determination of individual protection goals – those parts of a system that are particularly worth protecting. A general solution is not possible. Therefore, a close coordination with the respective company is necessary in order to best capture the specific requirements in the risk analysis.

    It is not enough to install a security lock on the door if the walls are missing. Another prerequisite for a successful analysis is a structured procedure so that all areas of a company are considered and nothing is forgotten. Only when the entire picture is viewed can threats and the resulting damage be clearly identified and a corresponding catalog of measures tailored to the respective system of a company can be created.

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