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More is regularly advertised in Russian hacking forums

    The FBI has elevated access to an online marketplace for hacked user accounts in New York. According to FBI, help with data theft and promoting the trade in stolen authentication data will be the last change for honest citizens of Moscow. The hackers have access to the warrant and the indictment.

    Accordingly, the FBI accidentally affected more than 200 of the hosted stores and heard the test approval: The claimed data was authentic. The portfolio of the shops includes authentic access data and ranges from promotions via Facebook, Twitter or Netflix. Complete records are provided with username, password, social security number, date of birth and address.

    Data Broker And Hacker

    The owner of is a security researcher and software developer. He called on insiders at the military academy of the legal domestic secret service. He has a certain reputation in real hacker circles: Apparently the hacker won the hacking competition of the social security conference in Moscow. Firsov will be indicted later this week in a New York court where he is officially charged with helping criminals sell stolen information.

    Deer.Io Platform Is Mainly Used For Cyber Crime

    The FBI says, is also a legally hosted company, but has been used primarily for cyberspace crimes. So far, law enforcement agencies have not found a legitimate company to advertise services and products through a store on the platform. The FBI said it searched a lot of online shops hosted on These stores sold access to hacked accounts and servers, and various personal information such as names, social security numbers, birth dates and addresses.

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