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    Denmark launched a cyber security campaign

    The Danish government launched a cyber security campaign due to the increased use of the home office and radical security measures.

    It’s Not Just About Cyber Criminals

    Given the pandemic, Copenhagen is also concerned about the cyber security of Denmark. That is why Danish workers will receive an email from the Ministry of Defense on Monday. It teaches how to detect fake emails and signs of cyberattacks when someone is working at home, where digital security is not as good as in the office. It’s not just about criminals. Defense minister Trine Bramsen said that hackers connected to foreign countries can also abuse the crisis. “One of our fears is that bad powers could lead to major institutions, our internet or our telecommunication system collapse,” said Bramsen. The Danish citizen should take a deep breath before each click.

    Many citizens work from home as a result of the corona crisis. The risk of becoming a victim of internet criminals increases, since digital security in their own walls is usually less than in the office. Therefore, at home you should make sure that the software on the computer is always up to date. You should also keep yourself up to date and find out more on the homepages of Denmark. Passwords should consist of at least eight characters, with numbers, capital letters and special characters.

    Only 3-5 percent of all computers in Denmark are infected with malware, which is less than in any other country – a factor which is why the Danish people are at the top of the overall ranking. The country also has the lowest levels of financial malware. Smartphone malware is the least common in Denmark. Last but not least, the legislation is partly responsible for this. Especially in terms of content and cybercrime, lack modern, specific laws, Denmark is one of the few countries in the world that have legislatively covered all cyber areas that the company considers important.

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