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    Does cyber insurance make sense for a company or a private individual?

    Every company must now expect damage from hackers. Unlike a few years ago, there is now a large selection of cyber insurance. Companies should align their services to their needs. In addition, some offerings include preventive services or help with the preparation of an incident.

    Providers See Particularly High Cyber Risks In Individual Sectors

    Basically, companies of all sizes and in all industries can expect to be victims of a cyber incident. Insurance providers see particularly high cyber risks in individual sectors. These include medical facilities, call centers, data processing, IT services and online shops. A new tutorial on the subject of flutter will also start in issue 4/2020. Google’s framework combines modern programming paradigms so that developers can implement apps across platforms. Programmers will also learn in another article how the project should deliver a new standardized web interface. It is intended to bridge the gap between native apps and progressive web apps across platforms.

    Differentiate Trust Damage From Cyber Damage

    A fidelity damage policy serves to protect against white-collar crime and is primarily intended to cover personal damage. The following are insured;

    – Theft and damage to property by both internal perpetrators and external attacks. These include fake government attacks, which can result in substantial financial loss if employees are deliberately deceived. The extortion of the company by encrypting data is not insured in traditional fidelity insurance. In addition, indirect damage such as lost operating profit excluded. In principle, only targeted attacks are insured, and the risk of infection through automatically sent phishing emails is not covered. Comprehensive protection against cyberattacks cannot be provided by fidelity damage insurance alone.

    Internet Risks Make Cyber Insurance Useful

    Criminal creativity doesn’t seem to know any limits, just the number of known malware variants is scary. The malicious programs, also called ransomware are able to infect and paralyze the computers of companies, administrations and private individuals. The number of affected companies worldwide is said to have already exceeded. The damage caused a few years ago up to 400 billion dollars.

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