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    EU measures to increase cybersecurity

    Hackers have caused significant financial damage in the EU increase cybersecurity. Russia and China are often suspected of being the masterminds. Now the EU has imposed sanctions for the first time. The dynamism of the EU’s efforts to increase security in cyberspace continue. For the exact traceability of these extremely complex processes and their in depth understanding, first a look at the actual situation of the threats in cyberspace and then the first measures of the EU to increase cybersecurity are presented.

    The implementation of these operational and strategic efforts will then be illustrated by specific legal acts, whereby deliberately in chronological order. Reference is made to the respective legal acts in detail. Only then will there be a precise picture of how the EU, within the framework of its limited competencies, was able to respond appropriately to the respective challenges in cyberspace.

    increase cybersecurity

    Vulnerability Of Cyber ​​Space

    With the worldwide use of network and information systems as well as electronic communication networks and services and the problems associated with them, there was also the need for the EU to play a key role in creating a coherent international cyber space policy. According to the EU, the same norms, principles and values ​​that the EU advocates outside the internet – such as democracy, rights, rule of law should also apply within the same in cyberspace.

    With reference to coronavirus related malicious cyber activity, which primarily affects critical infrastructures, the Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs issued another declaration on April 2020 on behalf of the EU on ensuring the Cybersecurity in times of coronavirus. Significant phishing and malware distribution campaigns, scanning activity and DDoS attacks have been identified since the beginning of the pandemic, some of which affect critical infrastructures that are essential to address this crisis.

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