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    Europol warns of critical infrastructures and DDoS attacks

    The European police agency Europol is warning of an increase in ransomware and DDoS attacks, which are designed to paralyze remote access to computer networks and online services.

    Europol claims that Webstresser has so far attacked financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies, government organizations and gaming websites and made millions from those having malevolent intentions.

    Based on data from the member states and partners of the EU, it was examined how cybercriminals have acted since the pandemic started and where increased activity has been observed. It is significant that they are primarily criminals who have previously appeared on the internet and are now actively trying to maximize the effectiveness of their attacks. This warning applies particularly to companies and institutions that are already under pressure from the pandemic, be it from the challenge of the home office or from the extraordinary stresses such as in hospitals.

    There Are Signs Of An Increase In Ransomware Attacks

    Among other things, the police department warns of phishing. Perpetrators use fake websites, e-mails or SMS to try to get personal data from users in order to loot their accounts. In addition, there are signs of an increase in ransomware attacks, whereby entire computer systems are disrupted or paralyzed to extort ransom.

    Criminal organizations, as well as some states have attempted to abuse the corona crisis for their geopolitical interests, often by denying the credibility of the EU and its partners. The report does not mention which states are specifically meant by this.

    Many Vulnerabilities In The Home Networks

    The more people now work in the home office, the more important remote access to corporate networks becomes. If this is interrupted, it is hardly possible to maintain operation. Added to this are thousands of new vulnerabilities in the home networks, which have often not been trimmed for security with the same care as the network in the company. Criminals also know this and take advantage of this fact.

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