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    Facebook services are flooded with incorrect data about the corona virus

    Facebook boss Marc Zuckerberg described the corona virus in a post on his own platform as a global challenge. Because of the numerous false reports, he has announced that such messages will be deleted. At the same time, the World Health Organization receives free advertising space on the platform to explain the actual dangers and effects of the coronavirus.

    False information would rather be downgraded in the algorithm and therefore did not appear in the users timeline. The procedure of the video platform Youtube is similar – the algorithm is intended to prevent widespread use of fake videos. However, both platforms rely heavily on information from the World Health Organization and other institutions. The few fact checkers cannot identify the mass of misleading content alone, as Zuckerberg indirectly admits in his posting.

    The terms state that misinformation is especially prohibited if it harms members or the public. These include fake news that stir up fear or spread misleading information about medical treatments. Videos with such content would be removed. Facebook claims to have set up its fact-checking team on such nonsensical recommendations. The goal: The spread of false information on Facebook should be restricted. In addition, warnings are to be sent to users who want to spread fake news or who have already shared it with their friends.

    Critical Content Is Rarely Deleted

    In the past, Facebook has been repeatedly attacked because both networks have done little to prevent the spread of false reports. Racist content and hate speech are rarely deleted and political advertising is not always identified. Another problem are comments that are automatically hidden by Facebook. It is not always problematic content. Not all measures have been implemented yet, this should happen in the coming days. Health authorities should then be allowed to advertise free of charge to educate citizens in affected areas about the virus.

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