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    Food industry companies are the new targets for hackers

    The cyberattack against Fleury Michon in France seems to confirm all fears: This is no accident, because these are strategic companies. Situation assessment on challenges, risks and defense.

    The cyber attackers targeting the food industry are operating at a completely different level. Those who attack this industry are not beginners. Given the economic and sanitary interests at stake and governance challenges, companies are more likely to deal with a group of well-coordinated hackers or even a mafia or government organization.

    Not to mention attacks designed to take control of machines to change recipes or the quality of a product. If someone changes the recipe of a juice ,it doesn’t taste the way it should, people won’t buy it anymore. If someone changes a sensor and is no longer able to detect an allergen or a product that is harmful to health, companies put the consumers at risk. And if the production chain slows down or stops, they can no longer meet the demand.

    Food industry hackers

    Taking Advantage Of Stock Market Speculation

    But that’s not all. The hackers can also take advantage of stock market speculation on food stocks or commodities. It cannot be ruled out that certain people had bet against Eurofin whose share price had declined significantly after the cyberattack. This is a new form of insider business.

    Certain foods are even considered critical products. In France therefore, water management and food are among the key sectors listed in the Defense Budget Act. And who knows if there are not also certain farmers among the listed key players? If you know that the health sector has a high consumption of starch, anything is possible.

    From the producer to the consumer, different actors (from harvesting to processing to distribution) meet who have different levels of cybersecurity. The problem: Every link in the chain ensures its own cybersecurity. If a single link fails, the entire chain can be at risk.

    The Supply Chain Leads To A Concentration Of Risks

    Automation creates new gates of entry which, if they have not been clearly identified from the start, can become back doors.

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