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    Government Agencies Catch Members Of Hacking Group, InfinityBlack

    The infamous hacking group known as InfinityBlack that has managed to acquire and market in millions, clients’ personal credentials on the internet, has been apprehended by the European Union Agency along with other law enforcement agencies.

    The hackers notoriously recognized for sharing the illegally obtained credentials. As well as manufacturing and distributing malware and several other types of hacking tools.

    Europol, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation, has, on countless occasions, collaborated with the national police, and several judicial bodies to ensure the end of content piracy and to guard against hacking.

    The arrest of five InfinityBlack members on the 29th of April, 2020 during a law enforcement joint operation in Poland. Europol has also bagged some significant accomplishments on the subject of bringing an end to pirated IPTV (Internet Protocol television).

    The National Police of Poland confiscated several devices. This includes external hard drives and cryptocurrency wallets with a reported worth of about 100,000 euros.

    Furthermore, the authorities found databases with over 170 million recorded personal certificates. This group of hackers had even created an online sales platform to sell these private credentials on the dark-web

    Hackers Target the rewards point programs

    Primarily, they obtained and stole data related to the rewards point programs; they had designed a complicated procedure to burglarize over thousands of accounts in Switzerland. However, there is speculation that the losses by this hacking group only were at least 50,000 euros, and the damage, over 600,000 euros.

    The unearthing of these criminals was possible and speculatively doable because of the collaboration of Polish and Swiss law enforcement agencies with adequate support from Europol and Eurojust. They got credits for ending the cybercrimes of the hacking group and on time.

    The plot ran smoothly with the police setting them up in the guise of buying these data. Europol also provided proficient means and the needed support to ensure that the matter concludes with ease and deliberate accuracy.

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