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    Hacker attack on FC Barcelona and the Olympic Games

    Even one of the biggest clubs in the world cannot defend itself against the unknown perpetrators online. Barca was hacked! Posts suddenly appear on the club’s official accounts, which certainly do not come from the official admin.

    The official Twitter account of the top Spanish club FC Barcelona was hacked on Saturday. During this time, the hacking group took control of the social media channel of the Catalans and indicated the return of PSG star Neymar to Barcelona.

    Does Neymar Return From PSG?

    During the 2-1 victory over Getafe FC, the Barca fans also got the message of an impending return of the Brazilian international, which the club bosses could not confirm.

    Barcelona hacker attack

    Barcelona apologized to the users on Saturday evening and also announced further security measures. At the same time the account of the Olympic Games was hacked. There had already been speculation about the 28-year-old Neymar last summer. The PSG offensive man was apparently on the wish list for the club.

    The Social Media Accounts Of The Spanish Master Have Been Hacked

    Barca President Josep Maria Bartomeu’s alleged departure was also reported under the hashtag #bartomeuout. What has now been confirmed: The social media accounts of the Spanish master have been hacked, the news is not true. A group that calls itself OurMine has been responsible for a number of hacks of prominent Twitter accounts since 2016 .The news spread after apparently cracking the security levels with no problem. At the same time, they had taken over the official Twitter account for the Olympic Games. The wrong tweets have now been deleted. A cybersecurity team is to ensure that similar incidents will no longer occur in the future.

    Barcelona has deleted the tweets and has announced that they will investigate the incident. The hackers had obtained access to the Twitter account via a third-party data analysis tool.

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