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    Hacker group Phosphorus tried to attack participants in the T-20 summit

    The cyber attacks were therefore activated against more than 100 celebrities. The members of an Phosphorus hacker group pretended to be the creators of important conferences. Attempts have been made to target possible participants in the Security Conference in winter 2021.

    For almost 60 years now, heads of government, ministers  and security researchers have come together for the Security Conference in Germany to discuss political issues. Political thoughts for the G20 countries are discussed at the summit.


    Microsoft sees no relation to the US elections in the cyber activities. The attackers had sent fake invitations by email to former government authorities and executives of non governmental sections. The hacker group offered the emails to take part in the conferences. Microsoft believes that this is how the cyber group wanted to get data. In some cases, the attackers were probably also successful – including with a former ambassador and other state actors who help shape the foreign policy of their countries.

    Multi Factor Authentication Prevents Cyber Attacks

    To allay the travel fears during the pandemic, Phosphorus offered the emails to attend the summits online. Microsoft deals with findings so that everyone can remain calm and check whether attacks can be observed in the vicinity of other summits. Experts recommend all users to check the emails they receive from large summits. Multi factor for both business and private accounts can successfully prevent cyber attacks that target the data of the user. For anyone who suspects that you may have been a victim of this series of attacks, experts recommend checking the rules for forwarding emails and removing any rules that appear suspicious. New rules may have been created during a successful cyber attack.

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