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    How Dangerous Is The Dark Web For Internet Users?

    Whenever we talk about the Darknet (the hidden part of the Internet), it is about drugs, weapons or data scam. If this dark web is so scary, why don’t law enforcement officers just turn it off? Because it’s not just dark.

    dark web

    The goal: spend a day on the dark web and find out how dark this part of the internet so often referred to in connection with crime. After downloading and installing the Tor Browser, the door to the Dark Web is open. To put it simply the Tor browser is a modified version of the well known Firefox browser and is also used in the same way. The crucial difference is that the Tor Browser handles all data traffic via the Tor network.

    The Darknet Has A Terrible Reputation

    Like so many things, the network which is completely innocuous, quickly became a tool for criminals after it was invented: drugs, weapons, fake ID cards, malware, databases full of stolen access and credit card data – with all this rubbish the various darknets are connected.

    Navigate Without Google, But With Link Collections

    One of the characteristics of the dark web is that search engines like Google have nothing to look for in it and accordingly have nothing to find. But how do you orientate yourself without these traditional tools? Using link collections such as those offered by the hidden Wiki for example. The mentioned link collections then quickly the day trippers into the supposedly more remote corners of the gate network. So websites that supposedly let viewers watch people being tortured for a fee. Wonder if the dark web encourages such deviations? Or only reveals the hidden abnormalities that already exist.

    Access to Facebook, which seems a bit absurd given the obligation to use real names in the social network is completely anonymous, since Facebook operates the server on the Darkweb. According to the founder of the gate and US computer specialists, Facebook is the most popular service with over a million users. Overall, access to these hidden web offers only accounted for a maximum of three percent of the total Tor network traffic.


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