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    How Do You Protect Yourself Effectively From PayPal Online Payment?

    Scammers are currently using a new method to quickly get the money from internet users. Doing so, they abuse a function of the PayPal payment service. The consumer advice center warns of a new wave of PayPal phishing this year. In the fake emails you should carry out a data comparison and thus verify your account. We reveal how you can differentiate the messages from real emails.

    PayPal Online Payment

    PayPal advertises with its seller and buyer protection, which protects both sides against misuse. Therefore both contracting parties weigh themselves in safety. Unfortunately, scammers are increasingly trying to misuse the online payment system for their purposes. They often do this too. Buyer protection with PayPal is not comprehensive. Therefore, sellers and buyers should carefully consider the exceptions.

    Scammers Use Hacked Login Data To Buy Goods

    Scammers have these kind of tactic delivered to an address of their choice by express delivery. Thanks to real-time tracking, they know exactly when the package arrives. They usually order the package to a high-rise building and pretend to be the recipient’s neighbor. You take the parcel and leave the building immediately.

    Sellers will immediately receive the purchase price on their PayPal account after entering into a contract. That is why they weigh themselves in safety. The buyer now asks them in a separate message to send the goods to a different address. Most sellers respond favorably to this request. However, when the scam is exposed, the sellers remain at their expense. PayPal books the purchase price back. The online payment system is authorized to do so.

    The online payment service PayPal works quite well in practice. In some situations, you should take a closer look:

    1-If there are large sums of money, check whether there are exceptions to seller protection.

    2-Only ship products to the address specified in the transaction details.

    3-In the event of any abnormalities, contact PayPal and ask for help.


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