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    Instagram wants to automatically check posts for possible cyber security

    Instagram is stepping up its measures against speech and cyberbullying and plans to use a pop-up warning to notify users if they want to publish potentially offensive posts. As the social network says on its blog, the description texts of images and videos will also be checked using artificial intelligence before publication. If a text has similarities to already reported posts, a warning message will point this out to users in the future. According to Instagram, they should then be able to change the post, but it should also be possible to skip the warning.

    In The Coming Months Worldwide

    According to Forbes, the new function has been tested since July and the results are promising. The feature will initially be implemented in selected countries before it will be rolled out worldwide in the coming months.

    Instagram cyber security

    Test On Comments Are Promising

    Since July, Instagram has been testing such a function for comments on external posts. Instagram says the results are promising so far, as advice would encourage users to rethink their words when given the opportunity. In a blog post by the Facebook subsidiary, the function will initially be activated in a limited number of countries and gradually made available worldwide.

    The change widens the scope of Instagram’s systems, with which the company has been trying to identify infringing content for a long time. In July, as part of its strategy against online bullying, Instagram also introduced the possibility of a shadow ban for unwanted comments. Since then, users have been able to restrict the comments of certain users under their own posts so that they are only visible to the commentators themselves. This is to help protect yourself from nuisance without having to explicitly point out the blocking to the user in question. Previously, Instagram had tested whether the competitive thought on the social media platform is diminished if the likes are no longer displayed on the posts.

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