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    Italian song ‘Bella Ciao’ broadcast from several mosque minarets in İzmir

    Various minaret loudspeakers at mosques in the Izmir area did not sound the usual call for prayer at around 5 p.m., but a Turkish version of the Italian folk music Bella Ciao.

    According to Turkish media, the local prosecutor and cybercrime investigators have intervened to identify the hackers who appear to have broken into the system that centrally controls the minaret speakers.

    The Turkish daily news reports that people who have praised the incident on social media could also be sued. The basis of law enforcement is the offense of public degradation of religious values.

    The Izmir public prosecutor office said on Thursday that it had started an investigation into the public degradation of religious values. The state news agency Anadolu reported that this was also aimed at people who shared videos of the action with positive comments. The religious directorate also said that an investigation was launched into the incident.

    The Reactions To The Unique Process In Turkey Were Correspondingly Sharp

    Izmir’s mayor, who is a representative of the secular CHP party, immediately announced that he is cursing those who are responsible for this provocation. The prosecutor is already investigating those who recorded the moment and distributed it on social media in the country. The action should also cause resentment among the conservative, Islamic oriented government in Ankara. Bella Ciao is known as a protest song by freedom loving people.

    The anti fascist partisan song from Italy, which became famous during the Second World War, was heard instead of the usual call to prayer. Recordings of the hacker activity quickly spread on social media. However, the motive of the perpetrators is unclear. Bella Ciao has no religious connection, but as a hymn for left wing freedom fighters a political one.

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