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    Juniper network admits back door risk

    Network equipment supplier Juniper network has admitted that a back door built into the program at the request of the secret service has been taken over by another state. According to the news, experts assume that it is China. After the incident two years ago, the NSA prepared a document about the issue. Now NSA is claiming that they can no longer find this file.

    An Inherited Back Door

    The so called Juniper network is now richer by a chapter. Its processing began 5 years ago when it became known that ransomware had been found in its operating network. According to supplier, the unauthorized code could compromise the systems. Anyone who knew about this could not only have decrypted the documents, but also made all traces of such a ransomware disappear. The company had drawn attention to it itself and published a patch. However, later results showed that Juniper’s own built in errors were the cause of the ransomware. Unknown hackers then exchanged the lock on the back door and thus gained access to the back door.

    Juniper network

    More Data Behind The Scenes

    This part of the Juniper issue had already been saved in detail, but apparently there was more data behind the scenes. News agencies in USA cite statements. At the same time, some criticize the fact that the NSA does not disclose its handling of the back doors despite changed regulations. They were introduced after the revelations had revealed how much risk the back doors in software were. This was underlined by Juniper, as this was the scenario that comments repeatedly warn against: Once a back door has been installed in order to facilitate their work – other actors can discover an access and also use it.

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