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    Manchester United have been blackmailed by cyber attackers

    The Premier League club Manchester United fell victim to a cyber attack according to the Daily Mail. The cyber criminals are apparently demanding ransom in millions.

    The football club is currently working with the National Cyber ​​Security and to regain control of the networks. The National Cyber Security is aware of an incident involving Manchester United, and they are working with the club and partners to understand the implications. But the work so far have been unsuccessful. Because the cyber attack on the infrastructure of the club seems much worse than initially assumed. United’s computer networks are said to have been hacked with a ransomware. Those in charge of the club fear that data could leak to the public. In this case, Manchester United is also at danger of financial damage.

    Manchester United

    If the attack turns out to be a breach of fan data, it could result in a fine of up to 20 million euros, or two percent of international annual sales. However, United assured their fans that this was not the case. The attack was destructive, but they are currently not aware of any loss of individual data. The statement on Thursday evening said: “After the recent hacker attack on the club, our IT system and external researchers secured our systems and carried out investigations. The exact amount of the ransom demands is also unknown.

    Club Could Be Asked To Pay Twice

    The extent of the cyber attack still has to be traced, but the club could probably risk losing important documents. Accordingly, the club would probably have to pay a ransom. In addition, the club could face a fine of between 10 and 20 million euros or two percent of annual sales if individual data from supporters were to get into the hands of the hackers despite cyber protection guidelines. However, this is not the case, the club assured on Thursday.

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