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    Massive cyberattack by Israel on civilian targets paralyzed a port in Iran

    Israel is behind a cyberattack that allegedly paralyzed a port in Iran last week. Ship traffic in the port of Bandar Abbas in the south of the country suddenly came to a halt last week.

    Representatives of the US and other foreign governments have now assumed that it was a massive cyberattack by Israel, the newspapers reported. Apparently, this was a response to an Iranian attempt to hack computers that control water distribution systems in Israel. Iran’s deputy transport minister confirmed that there was a cyberattack on the port. An unnamed Western diplomat told Israeli television on Tuesday that it was responding to an Iranian cyberattack two weeks ago. Iran crossed a red line. Israel had to react. The port is known as the starting point for arms deliveries of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

    The Archenemies Of Iran And Israel Repeatedly Accuse Each Other Of Cyberattacks

    Israel and the United States are also believed to be the originator of the cyberattack. It is said that a decade ago it caused serious damage to numerous centrifuges in an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. According to Israeli media reports, this Iranian attack had damaged the security. The Israeli security cabinet met about two weeks ago to discuss the case. At the time, Israeli officials were quoted as saying that the Iranian attack was seen as a serious escalation in Tehran’s targeting civilian assets.

    The Iranians had used servers in America to attack the control systems of the Israeli water supply. Tehran had not admitted this attack, but confirmed a cyberattack on its port last week. However, it only managed to penetrate and damage a number of the port’s private control systems. A security official from a foreign government told the Washington Post that the attack had been successful and had done far more damage than the Iranians would admit. An American government official told the newspaper that Israel is believed to be behind the attack. The unexplained war between Israel and Iran is happening in several fields. A senior cyber defense officer told that some time ago that Israel is exposed to thousands of cyberattacks every day, which meanwhile come from many parts of the world.

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