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    Massive problems with various Usenet providers and tools

    The provider points out that personal or account data may have been copied in the course of the hack. In both cases, this could potentially be address, payment details such as IBAN and account number or other data from customers who have processed the companies to carry out the respective contract. By accessing the bank details, there is all the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

    What Happened To Usenext And Save.TV?

    On 26 April, Save.TV, Usenet providers and became the target of a hacker attack. The providers websites have been offline since April 26th. Momentum can currently only be used to a limited extent. UseNeXt are currently examining the extent of the hack, partly in cooperation with IT security companies and are working to make their services, which were initially taken offline to protect customers. The responsible data protection authorities have been informed.

    UseNext says it has reported the matter to the authorities but in the meantime, its service will remain down until the company can determine the scale of the breach. Users can contact the company for information via a dedicated hotline.

    Unknown Third Parties Now Have Numerous Data Records

    Customers should look for suspicious debits from their account. Pay more attention to phishing emails in your inbox. Providers are currently not available. Since you had to temporarily deactivate your systems, the website, inboxes and the call center are currently not accessible. It is not yet possible to estimate how long it will take to go online again.

    Users of the provider should be particularly careful these days and watch out for suspicious account activity. There is currently a warning about a new scam that is circulating the email. Fast and high profits in the cryptocurrency area are suggested to the reader. In order to suggest credibility, the fraudsters pretend to have been present. Older scam appears in a new way.


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