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    Microsoft announces end of support for Internet Explorer 11

    Microsoft services will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 in the future. After that, access will no longer be possible or only reduced usage. Microsoft believes customers will get more of it if they use the new browser. In a blog post, Microsoft explains that 11 was introduced a few years ago in a less demanding environment. However, the internet now demands many more standards, not only in terms of security but also in terms of the available functions and modes of use.

    Edge Legacy Disappears

    Since some companies have built their business areas on 11, these should continue to be usable. Legacy 11 apps then run in an Explorer mode. Instead of having to laboriously open some applications in the old browser and others in Edge, this will be done in different tabs in the future. The Microsoft Browser itself will also no longer receive any security updates. Apps and pages that were developed for this version will continue to work in the new Edge. If there are problems, Microsoft offers help. A whole series of pages and addresses have been set up for this. Companies that rely on older Windows versions can then port their web applications to the modern browser. Private users who use Internet Explorer on older Windows versions would also benefit from it.

    Internet Explorer 11

    Microsoft is forcefully distributing its new based browser Edge. Previous Windows system users now get it automatically. You can’t really defend yourself. If you try to uninstall the browser anyway and type the relevant keywords into a search engine, you will be directed to Microsoft’s own support page. Uninstalling the Edge is not possible. Users therefore retain full control over the import of personal data from previous versions. However, some users recently complained that Edge clawed data from other browsers without first obtaining permission. Only those who close the associated dialog window can prevent the transfer.

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