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    North Korea uses digital attacks to respond to international sanctions

    Different groups within the hidden Cobra work with the same malware towards different targets. Several hacker groups of implanted malware have used the same code over the years. Software that was compiled in the same development environment can do a significant amount. But there is not only the same code, but also the same functionality.

    Basically, almost every state runs a program for aggressive behavior in data networks in one way or another, the speakers. The advantages over traditional use of violence are the lower costs, easier denial and that it can be used worldwide. As a rule, government actions are intended to support certain government goals. These can be of a political, foreign policy, military or financial nature or serve directly to influence people or organizations.

    North Korea often uses digital attacks to respond to international sanctions. Opponents and enemies of the state are also regularly attacked, as are humanitarian organizations that report human rights deficiencies in North Korea. In addition, the country is trying to obtain foreign military technology through hacking. Unfortunately, the North Koreans are not alone with such crimes. Yet another factual picture is rare for states. They avoid sanctions by participating in cryptocurrencies and digital bank robberies.

    Assignment Of An Attack Is Based On Extensive Prior Knowledge

    The reuse of code, certificates and systems form together a picture, depending on the situation, clearly indicates the perpetrator. In the geopolitical arena, there is no question of sufficient evidence for a criminal conviction. Intelligence agencies can also access information that is not accessible to private researchers. Spear phishing does not exploit a technical weak point, but a human one. Attackers use a pretext to extract the access data from target persons.

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