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    Online giants are intended to ensure the secure transport of data packets

    The Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security project, which is managed by the Internet Society is intended to ensure the secure transport of data packets in the network. The project is now also open to large server networks and cloud providers. The first supporters of the new program include the online giants Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Microsoft and Netflix. A number of other companies would also be added. Relevant providers from Europe and Asia are not included at the moment.

    Systemic Vulnerabilities In Internet That Make Routing Vulnerable

    The participants want to mitigate systemic vulnerabilities in internet that make routing vulnerable to misuse attacks and errors. The greatest relevant threats are to be combated through common standards through technical instruments and cooperation in order to keep the basic structure of the internet. The members promise not to distribute false routing information and to prevent traffic originating from illegitimate IP addresses. They also keep contact information in peering databases for the exchange of data packets globally accessible to check routing information and to provide valid information in public registers. Optionally, the participants should also have tools for checking and correcting errors for peering partners.

    These are geographically distributed server networks that bring copies of online content such as video and audio files as close as possible to the end user and thus facilitate streaming. Corresponding providers generally exchange traffic with thousands of other network operators worldwide, which makes them key players in maintaining the infrastructure. Especially during the corona virus crisis and the growing data rates triggered by home office and online learning, secure routing is more crucial than ever. In the previous year, a routing error provider had resulted in some trouble being routed through Asia, increasing the risk of taps.

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