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    Online shopping as an invitation for hackers

    In times of the pandemic with online shopping opportunities and many online orders, cyber attackers are trying to take advantage of the situation and are preparing their raids. Some of the dangers include:

    • Alleged shipping scam
    • Particularly cheap holiday offers

    This information is well known with cyber attackers because it can be used to steal data very quickly. Therefore, such payment should not be saved. While this can complicate the purchasing phase, it also reduces the likelihood that a hacker will gain access to this data. It is also useful for mobile notifications in order to receive corresponding data every time the card is used. In addition, the card data should not appear in the mail with the bank, because mails can be read very easily by hackers. A call to the bank is certainly the better option.

    online shopping

    Alleged Shipping Scam

    It is also important to be on your guard when receiving dispatch notifications. Cyber ​​attackers use these fake messages year round to trap victims and steal their information. Especially in the current situation, when a lot is ordered and delivered, you quickly lose track of things. Therefore, online shopping should really take the time to make sure before every click, before every opening of a file that it is actually a message.

    Particularly Cheap Holiday Offers

    Despite the travel situation, hackers are still trying to convince people to travel particularly cheaply over the holidays. Great care is required! Mails that offer high discounts and invite you to book quickly should be viewed particularly dangerous. The hackers are very adept at faking trustworthy brands in order to mislead busy consumers. It is better to type the page of a platform into the search bar of the browser.

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