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    Phishing mail with an incorrect form for Corona bridging aid

    The representation of the European Commission warned of a phishing attempt targeting small and medium sized enterprises. Under the pretext for corona bridging aid, the right one being offered should include disclosing data. The commission representation has reported the phishing campaign to the police.

    The ransomware mail is sent under the permanent name of the alleged spokesman for the Commission from a domain, according to the representation. This is not the domain of the federal government, but just an attempt to deceive that accounts of the European Commission were not hacked.


    The Form Is To Pick Up Data

    The letter states that help will be offered jointly by the federal government. However, the e-mails are attempted with ransomware, where data from traders can be tapped and thus help can be obtained.

    The commission representatives advise recipients of the mail not to react to it and not to open the attachment. Whether this actually only contains a file for data theft that is not clear; the phishing attempt presumably aims at data theft.

    Phishing attempts with alleged Corona emergency aid have been a big topic since the beginning of the pandemic. This method is one of the primary IT threats during the pandemic. The methods are not new to the commission representatives either: an almost same phishing was sent in July this year, whereby the hackers used another name of spokesman for the Commission. Only a few days ago a website appeared, that was supposed to be the main page of the Federal Office. However, this office does not exist in Europe. The Commission therefore assumed that these were preparatory ways for criminal offenses such as phishing.

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