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    Pompeo blaims Russia for hacker attacks on US authorities

    US Secretary of State Pompeo has blamed Russia for the hacker attack on federal companies around the world. The perpetrators tried with great methods to access the government’s IT network, Pompeo said on a broadcast on Friday. It is pretty clear that Russia is behind these attacks.

    The US government had confirmed a month long hacker attack on several authorities. According to CISA, the attacks were aimed at governments, infrastructure such as power grids and companies. However, the authority did not name the attack. Russia denied any involvement in the attack. One of the targets of the hacker attacks was the Energy industry, which also administers the US nuclear. Hacked networks were separated, said the ministry. According to the previous investigations, important security functions have not been influenced, a spokeswoman assured. According to its own data, NATO also used the software at its headquarters. So far however, there is no evidence of an intrusion into NATO networks, said a representative on Saturday. Experts would continue to research to eliminate any ransomware.


    It Is Certain That The Victims Will Continue To Grow

    It is not a matter of regular espionage. Rather, the attack created serious vulnerability for the United States and the world. The US cybersecurity agency had spoken on Thursday about the hacker attack. The attack, which began in March at the latest, was carried out by an advanced, persistent hacker, said the security. The attackers had shown perseverance, security and skills. Defense against cyber attackers is challenging.

    According to the CISA, the attackers used software from an IT network and thus gained access to the companies. The companies admitted that attackers exploited a back door in an update to some of its software released between March and June.

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