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    REvil ransomware uses extreme methods to steal data from Madonna

    The ransomware gang REvil has started an auction in the last 24 hours. This started with the sale of stolen data from a Canadian company and information that was stolen from the famous singer Madonna. This data was stolen in a ransomware attack.

    Madonna Data Auction Announced

    At the bottom of the list, experts warned that others could be the next victim of future auctions. Madonna was mentioned because of a recent ransomware attack on a high profile New York law firm in the entertainment industry. News agencies have previously reported that the firm represents private legal affairs for dozens of the world’s greatest music and film stars. The stolen data is said to include scanned copies of finances, personal property documents, client records, loan applications and company contract forms.

    The methods that ransomware groups use are becoming more and more extreme. However, that was a logical development. This allows criminals to monetize stolen data and at the same time warn other companies of the consequences of non-payment.

    The REvil Gang Has Also Carried Out Several Other Attacks Recently

    In addition, the cyber security company Sophos published a report on May 20, which is a new method. It involved human initiated ransomware attacks by groups like REvil. Ransomware groups have already sold and traded data in the past. But this is the first time that information gained through a hack is auctioned in an almost formal setting.

    A small part of the data has even appeared on a specially designed leak site. In addition to screenshots of some contracts and information about the firm’s affected file folders, there were documents of Madonna, signed by her agent.

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