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    Russia is behind the cyber attack on Georgia

    The United States and the UK hold Russia responsible for a large-scale cyberattack in Georgia. US Secretary of State Pompeo said in Washington that Russia must end this behavior in Georgia and elsewhere. British Foreign Minister Raab said the GRU’s ruthless and brazen crackdown on a sovereign and independent nation was completely unacceptable. A spokesman for the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the action was planned by the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. In Moscow it was said that no one had interfered in Georgian matters.

    Britain Blames Russian Military Intelligence Agency GRU For The Attack

    The attack has paralyzed thousands of data government, private and media websites. The GRU’s ruthless and brazen campaign of cyberattacks against Georgia, a sovereign and independent nation, is completely unacceptable.

    Winnti hacker attacks

    The Russian Government Has A Clear Choice According To UK

    To continue this aggressive behavior towards other countries or to become a responsible partner who respects international law. Georgia also sees the originator of the attack. It was planned by the General Staff of the Armed Forces there, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Vladimir Konstantinidi. The Russian Ministry of Defense was initially unable to obtain an opinion. Last October, the cyberattack paralyzed thousands of governmental and private websites.

    Bigger Attacks On The Net?

    UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center said that millions of machines were targeted. The attacks have been observed for more than a year, the underlying tactics have been known for some time. The hackers may be positioning themselves for future attacks. The goal of the cyberattacks is to disrupt other governments work and destabilize business activities, a government spokesman said in London. Accordingly, internet providers, companies in the private sector and key infrastructure facilities are affected. Among other things, it is about espionage and theft of intellectual property. The concrete targets of the attacks are said to include installations such as routers, switches and firewalls.

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