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    Swatch Group victim of a cyber attack

    Watch manufacturer Swatch Group fell victim to cyber attackers last weekend. Some actions are still affected by this hacker attack, said the company on Tuesday. Swatch now wants to file a complaint against unknown persons.

    At the weekend, Swatch found clear signs of a developing attack, according to a written statement from the watch company. For security reasons, some systems have been shut down preventively, with corresponding effects on certain activities. Swatch analyzed the attack and immediately took all appropriate measures and implemented the necessary corrections. A return to normal is expected as soon as possible. The group did not state which systems were affected by the shutdown, nor how large the scale of the cyber attack is.


    Swatch is a global brand that specializes in the manufacture and sale of finished watches and jewelry, as well as watch movements and components. In addition, Swatch is also active in the manufacture and sale of electronics and components for both the watch industry and other industries.

    Some Systems Are Still Affected

    For security reasons, some IT systems were immediately shut down preventively. Swatch Group confirms that it has seen clear signs of a developing attack on some of its computer systems during the weekend, ”the company said in an email statement, confirming a report by the Swiss news agency. A shutdown of some of their systems – which the group was conducting on a precautionary basis had affected some of its computers, a Swatch spokesman said, without indicating which systems were affected. “The situation will normalize as soon as possible,” said the spokesman. Everything was done and they will return to normal as quickly as possible. According to the Swiss media, Swatch will also file a complaint against the unknown cyber criminals.

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