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    The British airline Easyjet has become the target of a hacker attack

    Easyjet, which has since closed off the unauthorised access, said personal details, including the card numbers of more than 2,000 passengers may have been compromised.

    The British airline Easyjet has announced on Tuesday that the company became a target of a hacker attack. The attack had already been discovered last month and an investigation had been initiated.

    Unauthorized Access Has Now Been Blocked

    The attack came from a highly specialized source. Easyjet says that names, email addresses and travel information were checked, but no passport details. However, the credit card details were also captured from more than 2.000 customers. Easyjet says that there is no evidence that the personal data has been misused so far.

    How Does Easyjet Want To Protect Customers From Future Hacker Attacks?

    The company has strengthened its countermeasures to improve the security of its systems. The airline did not give any further details.

    The Airline Could Face A Severe Fine

    Hackers have gained access to emails and travel data from around nine million customers, the company said. There was a credit card data access of more than 2.000 customers. Support had already been offered to these customers. They had been informed about protective measures.

    Experts investigated the incident, which the company became aware of at the end of January. The national cyber security center has also been notified, the airline said. On the recommendation of the British data protection authority ICO, Easyjet asks customers to be particularly vigilant. Especially with regard to emails.

    There Have Been Cyberattacks On Large Corporations In Recent Years

    Easyjet is not the first British airline to be attacked by hackers. Two years ago, the data of 400.000  passengers were captured from British Airways. In addition to names and addresses, this also included credit card data. Nevertheless, all affected customers should be informed on May 26th. If you are not contacted, your data will not be accessed.

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