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    Ubisoft Accuses The DDoS For Hire Provider SNG

    Ubisoft service subscribers carried out DDoS attacks – Distributed Denial of Service against Rainbow Six Siege servers. This emerges from the application that Ubisoft published. The attacks on the game servers resulted in massive disruptions to the gameplay and even failure. Ubisoft is demanding an end to SNG service and damages from the California District Court.

    DDoS attacks

    Intent And Disguise

    Ubisoft sees it as proven that SNG was aware that the service was being misused for illegal attacks. SNG is said to have targeted advertising for its service among players of Rainbow Six Siege. As Ubisoft goes on to say, operators have attempted to disguise evidence of their involvement. In connection with this, they published a fictitious confiscation notice on their website, claiming that Ubisoft and Microsoft had confiscated SNG as part of the planned operation. In addition, the defendants had made fun of Ubisoft’s security efforts on Twitter. The tweet is no longer available. Ubisoft now wants to have the SNG service shut down. The company also claims damages.

    In the lawsuit however, Ubisoft believes that is promoting its services in the Rainbow Six Siege community so that players can paralyze multiplayer games. There are several reasons for doing this: For example, because you want to wear down an opposing team through constant server failures. Or because you have fallen behind in a running game and want to prevent a final defeat. Then there is simply malicious joy or the desire to create chaos. Rainbow Six Siege has been suffering from DDoS attacks for months. Manufacturer Ubisoft therefore had to listen to a lot of criticism from the community. In September 2019, the publisher then presented a package of measures and among other things, sent letters to DDoS providers. There were also a number of technical changes: At least temporarily, three multiplayer games no longer ran on one server. With the lawsuit, Ubisoft wants to stop the service. In addition, the company claims damages in an amount not mentioned.

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