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    US military disrupts cyber activities

    The cyber group behind the dreaded Trickbot probably has their hands full at the moment. The US government is apparently flooding the internet with fake clients and incorrect files in order to disrupt cyber activities, at least temporarily. This should make it difficult to influence the upcoming election, as several newspaper report in the USA.

    The devices are supposedly at the US Department of Defense and various companies, as can be deduced from the names of the fake clients. However, at this point in time, they did not yet establish a connection with the government. Officials reported that the attack will probably not permanently hit the Trickbot botnet. However, the hackers are likely to be busy for a while before regular activities are restored. The aim of the attack is apparently to prevent the powerful botnet from influencing the upcoming elections in USA.

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    The Goal Is To Protect The US Presidential Elections

    One of the largest botnets – Trickbot has been plagued by failures since the end of last month. The cyber activities network consists of over a million hacked devices and spreads various malware. The networks servers were disrupted on September 22nd. Who was behind this was not yet known at the time. The connection between the hacked computers and the servers was well interrupted. The goal is to keep the criminals busy all the time and thus generate costs for the other side. In the short term, the command wants to protect the upcoming  election from foreign threats, as the report says.

    Microsoft, Symantec and others strike against Trickbot that has apparently been successful. As Microsoft says, important parts of the Trickbot infrastructure could be disrupted, which means that the hackers are no longer able to distribute new malware. It is currently unclear whether this is another action or whether there is a connection with the movements of the cyber command.

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