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    Airbus May Have Been The Victim Of A Cyber Attack

    The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has been hacked. The company announced on Wednesday evening in Toulouse that there was a cyber incident related to business information systems at Airbus Commercial Aircraft. This resulted in unauthorized access to data. However, the operation was not affected. The company continued to investigate whether it was a targeted attack on certain data. It is already known that personal data was accessed to a limited extent. Above all, it is the contact details and identification information of some Airbus employees within Europe.

    Aviation and defense company Airbus may have been the victim of a cyberattack. The company had discovered a cyber incident in its information system, as announced on Wednesday evening. There was unauthorized access to data. The incident had no impact on commercial flight business, Airbus said.

    Airbus Cyberattack

    The company is investigating the incident and has taken measures to reinforce existing security measures and keep the possible effects as low as possible. According to Airbus, it was unclear whether it was a targeted attack on certain data. It is known that personal data was accessed. According to the company, this is primarily the contact details of some Airbus employees within Europe.

    There are also reports of hacking attacks at Airbus, in which the attackers deliberately target the company’s partners in order to interrupt business processes. This case illustrates the new danger of disruptionware: malware that is designed to disrupt processes.

    In The Rise Of Disruptionware

    A cyber-physical threat to operational technology environment reports how security experts describe the changes in the hazardous landscape and how organizations should prepare. In addition to adapted pests, the targets of the attackers have also changed. Instead of stealing information or financial fraud, they target assets that are difficult to recover.

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