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    AirTag Firmware 2.0.73 Released to All Users Because of Wrong Date Format

    Apple recently made AirTag firmware version 2.0.73 available to everyone after accidentally using the wrong date format during deployment.

    Just last week, Apple was getting ready to launch the newest AirTag firmware, planning to do it in stages.

    To ensure a smooth update process, Apple decided to roll out the update in phases, with the final group of users scheduled to receive it on April 9th.

    However, instead of the intended staggered release, every AirTag was updated to version 2.0.73 on the same day.

    According to iSoftwareUpdates, the reason for this was an error in the deployment dates.

    Instead of using the standard date format mm/dd/yyyy, the date was entered as mm/dd/yy. This caused the AirTags to interpret the date as 24 rather than 2024, resulting in the entire batch of updates being released simultaneously.

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