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    Aptoide Android App Store has reported 20 million user data leaks

    Attackers copied data from over 20 million store users at the Android app store Aptoide last week. This emerges from a message from Aptoide to its customers as well as information on the website of the password verification service HIBP. The leaked data is already part of the HIBP database, so that users can check there whether it is affected.

    20 Million Users Are Affected

    Data from more than 20 million aptoid users has been posted in a popular hacker forum in recent days. This includes a lot of personally identifiable information. In addition to the name and email address, this also includes the IP addresses of the users recorded during registration and details of the devices used. If a date of birth was given, this can also be found here. And especially unpleasant for developers, the tokens for authorizing your own account are also included.

    The hacked passwords are also listed. This now gives attackers the opportunity to find out the password behind it. How big this effort is and whether it works at all, depends not least on the complexity of the chosen passphrase. This method was used as the hash method, which is now considered out of date because it has weaknesses. It has not been supported by common web browsers for years. With enough computing effort, it should be possible to find out at least simple passwords.

    Aptoid writes on its first blog entry on the data leak that the e-mail addresses were used for the application and encrypted passwords were copied. HIBP writes in a brief information about the leak that details about the web browser and IP addresses were also copied. According to the blog entries, it will only be possible to register again with Aptoide until the data leak has been fully investigated and further information is available.

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